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Cardiac Rehab

Medical Center Hospital offers a complete cardiac rehabilitation program for people who have had congestive heart failure, a heart attack, bypass surgery, angioplasty, valve replacements/repairs, or other heart conditions. Our program is designed to help patients with heart disease recover quicker and return to a full and active lifestyle.

All participants must be referred into the program by a physician's order.

Rehabilitation begins as an inpatient service shortly after a cardiovascular event is identified. This phase consists of EKG monitored exercise and cardiac education including risk factor information and home activity instructions.

The next phases of rehabilitation are offered on an outpatient basis soon after discharge from the hospital. Counseling for nutrition, decreasing risk factors and stress management are included in the program, as well as EKG monitored exercises three days a week in a group setting. Two additional phases are offered on an optional basis and staff supervision of the exercise program is based on the participant's need.

Can individuals achieve the same exercise benefits with a home program?

Possibly, but the group support and interaction from one another is priceless. Also, at home a person does not have the security of constantly having their heart rhythm and blood pressure monitored during exercise by an experienced staff trained in advanced cardiac life support.

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