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Billing & Financial Assistance

Perhaps one of the greatest services we provide the citizens of Ector County is financial assistance to our indigent population. This assistance encompasses not only Hospital bills but also prescriptions, certain outpatient procedures, and physician office visits. Together with the Ector County Hospital District Assistance Program, our financial counselors are trained to know and understand the many different assistance programs available to those who qualify. To assist us in this process, we have three counselors employed by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services whose offices are located on the Hospital campus.

MCHS Quick Pay

Quick Pay provides convenient viewing and payment for all of your accounts at Medical Center Health System Bill Pay. To get started, enter the last name and date of birth of the person to whom the bill was sent, along with the access code provided on the bill, in the spaces below. Learn more about how to understand your billing statement here.

Business Office

Our Business Office staff is focused on providing the same high level of care and concern as is provided to our patients by our co-workers in the clinical areas. The Business Office is comprised of multiple areas, including registration, insurance verification, eligibility, billing, customer service, and collections.

Our staff is well trained in both patient privacy requirements at registration and collecting within the guidelines established by the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. For our patients unable to meet their financial obligations to the hospital, we have staff trained to guide them through the interview process to qualify for county, state, or federal assistance programs.

The Business Office can answer questions regarding:

  • Registration – Our registration department works very closely with Nursing Administration and Bed Management to ensure patients are registered and admitted to the appropriate level of care. We promote our pre-registration with our patients and physicians as a means to expedite the paperwork process and decrease wait times. Patients are able to pre-register on the sidebar to the right. Our Pre-op Express Department allows patients to register for surgeries and receive their preoperative testing in one place.
  • Customer Service, Collections & Insurance Verification – Our customer service and collections staff provide the answers to a variety of patient questions, from “What is my balance?” to “How did my insurance company calculate their payment?” Our staff of insurance benefit specialists spends countless hours on the telephone ensuring that our patients’ benefit plans are in order so that proper payment is received on a timely basis.
  • Cashiering Department – Also housed within the Business Office is our Cashiering Department. Their function directly affects the day-to-day management of our accounts receivable. Their diligent efforts to post payments to our patient’s accounts aid us tremendously in managing our collections.

Physician Billing Information

In addition to the care you receive from your primary care and attending physicians, you may also receive medical services from an anesthesiologist, cardiologist, emergency room physician, pathologist, radiologist, and other specialty physicians. Although these services are in conjunction with your treatment at the hospital, the physicians providing these services are not employed by the hospital and bill privately. Therefore, you will receive a separate bill from those physicians for their fees.

Contact information for professional medical services: