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Frequently Asked Questions

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Billing FAQs

What is Pre-Registration?

A: Wait times for registration can exceed 30 minutes during peak times. Pre-registration is a process that allows you to register prior to your service date. Registering prior to your date of service will reduce your wait time in our lobby on the day of your procedure. If you are pre-registered over the phone, you will need to provide physician orders, personal identification, medical insurance card(s) and your copay/coinsurance or deductible to registration on the day of your procedure. To complete the registration you will sign paperwork and proceed to the department providing your service.

How Can I Pre-Register?

You can pre-register three ways:

  1. In person prior to the date of your services by visiting any of Medical Center Hospital’s admitting areas. After business hours or during the weekend, the Emergency Room Patient Access Representatives can also pre-register you for your procedure.
  2. By phone prior to the date of your services; please contact us at (432) 640-1028. If you receive a voice mail, please leave your name and a call back number. We will return your call within one business day.
  3. By registering online. Click here for the Online Registration. (insert link Allow 24 hours or one business day for online registrations to be processed.

Will Medical Center Hospital Get a Pre-Authorization on my Inpatient or 24 Hour Observation Admission?

Medical Center Hospital will make every effort to pre-authorize or pre-certify your admission. However, you are ultimately responsible for calling your insurance company and notifying them of your admission as is outlined in your health plan document. Failure to pre-authorize or pre-certify will mean a larger portion of the bill will be your responsibility to pay.

How Often Do I need to Register for Tests at Medical Center Hospital?

Each visit for tests, procedures or admissions to Medical Center Hospital will require a different registration number. Each visit is not only number-specific, it is date-specific.

Why Hasn't My Insurance Paid My Bill?

As a courtesy to you, we file your bills with your insurance company as soon as your physician completes his or her documentation of your hospital record. After the claim is filed, your insurance company may request additional information from you. It is not uncommon to receive multiple requests for the same information from your insurance company. It is vital that you respond to these requests as quickly as possible in order to expedite the processing your claim.

What Happens if I Don't Pay My Bill?

Payment in full or a payment arrangement is expected to be made at the time of service. Overdue accounts will be forwarded to a collection agency and reported on the guarantor’s credit file. In order to avoid the account forwarding to a collection agency, it is very important that you contact one of our account specialists at (432) 640-1000 to arrange payment in full or to make payment arrangements.

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