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Pointers for Those With Diabetes

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  • Written By: Dr. Varuna Nargunan, M.D.
Pointers for Those With Diabetes

Dr. Varuna Nargunan, M.D., is with ProCare Endocrinology in Odessa, TX. She is Board Certified in Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism and also Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

As Seen in the Odessa American Medical Matters

With every holiday, office meal, family gathering or night out, people with diabetes have a challenge when presented with so many tempting feasts. Following are a few pointers for those with diabetes and those looking to stay healthy throughout the year:

  • A donut or bagel has a whole meal’s worth of the daily recommended carbohydrates. (60 to 80gms of carbohydrates)
  • Metformin does not affect the kidney. For a person with kidney damage, Metformin is not given as it is not effectively cleared.
  • Diet sodas are equally as bad as regular soda. They have a different form of sugar, which breaks down to glucose at the end.
  • Blood sugar checking should be done different times of the day rather than only in the morning.
  • Low-sugar reaction is a protective mechanism similar to how you sense fire so you move away from a flame. If a person experiences too many low-sugar reactions, their body will no longer alarm in the same way, which might be dangerous.
  • Shakes are a meal replacement, not a drink that goes with an entrée.
  • Insulin is the final treatment option when non-insulin options are used and blood sugars are still not controlled. But that does not mean death. Insulin levels can be modified to treat the diabetes effectively.
  • Tight blood sugar control in the initial years of a diabetes diagnosis can create a lifetime decrease in cardiovascular events.
  • Eat a whole fruit rather than drinking fruit juice.
  • And as you approach tempting meals or snacks, remember that having diabetes does not mean “no sugar”. It is all about portion control.