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Diabetes – Which is the Best Meter?

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  • Written By: Ryan O. Baldomero DNP, MSHS, APRN, ACNS-BC, AACC
Diabetes – Which is the Best Meter?

Different meters are being presented with different positive selling points such as:

  • Speed in checking your blood sugar
  • Accuracy based on their studies
  • Smaller sizes for portability
  • Even color and design to appear to style and fashion

If you are a person with diabetes, having a meter is a must because a LOW blood sugar can kill. Still, we ask, “which is the best meter?”

The answer is simple. The best meter is the one that you use.

As technology adapts to the dynamics of the changing times, blood sugar meters in general still have that need for a sample of your blood. It is a must to interact with your meter in order to obtain the most accurate result. It starts with clean hands, finger prick and testing. These are the basics.

Meters can store your blood sugar readings, upload to your computer. Some are so sophisticated that they can upload results to the cloud for you to access anytime, anywhere. Some meters offer reminders on when your blood sugar tests are due. Others come with an automated alert for live customer service support which calls you on your cell phone if the blood sugar readings are out of range.

Technology in a blood sugar meter is great, but it is not as smart as the person who operates it. Remember – Knowledge is Power and Prevention is Wisdom.