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Diabetes – Know your Numbers!

  • Category: Fitness, Health, Nutrition
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  • Written By: Ryan O. Baldomero DNP, MSHS, APRN, ACNS-BC, AACC
Diabetes – Know your Numbers!

Screening for diabetes has been made as easy and simple as a finger stick. With the many screenings that we have, checking your blood sugar results can be done in a matter of seconds.

But, are the numbers accurate?

Yes, of course! What we do not realize is that the result reflects your blood sugar at that particular second in time.

Do our Blood sugars fluctuate?

Yes, they do! What we don’t know is that our blood sugars are affected whether we check them before and after a meal. In adults, it would be safe to say to check your blood sugar two hours after a meal. However, this can also be affected by several factors as portions of the meal, fat and carbohydrate content. Because of these factors, part of the recommendation is also to know your blood sugar numbers after you have fasted for at least five to six hours.

It is important to know your numbers and have these with you as you visit your Primary Care Provider.

Knowledge is Power and Prevention is Wisdom!