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Faculty & Student Points to Remember

Service Excellence & Teamwork

Remember that faculty and students are guests at Medical Center Hospital. Therefore, you are expected to display professional behavior and dress appropriately for clinical rotations. Recognize your customers: patients, visitors, physicians, nurses, support and ancillary staff, volunteers, and other students. Be sensitive to the customers’ physical, social and cultural needs. Demonstrate a willingness to participate and communicate necessary information in a timely manner. Refrain from conflicting situations. If unable to resolve a customer’s issue, refer to your instructor or appropriate supervisor.

Artificial Nails

Artificial nails and nail tips are prohibited for all healthcare workers and providers who provide direct patient care and/or perform invasive/diagnostic procedures or therapies, across the continuum of care, including, but not limited to, inpatient, outpatient, and ambulatory care.

Natural nails are to be kept less than a ¼ inch long by all employees, clinical instructors and students. Freshly applied nail polish may be applied to natural nails in a light color.

Parking for Students

The parking garage is designated for physicians and visitors. Students are allowed to park on the 4th and 5th floors of the parking garage located at the front of the hospital. The parking garage located across from the Emergency Department is reserved from the physicians, staff, and patients of the Wheatley Stewart Building.

Dress Code and Identification Badges

All employees, instructors, and students are required to wear badges with photo facing outward, above the waist, visible to customers at all times while on duty. ID badges are made available upon employment or start of clinical rotations at no change. Lost or stolen badges must be replaced immediately and employees and students are charged $5 for badge replacement.

The Support Services Office (Badge Office) is open at the following times. Make sure you bring a driver’s license when you come to get your ID made. Monday – Friday 7:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

  • 0700-1800 0800-1300
  • 1900-2000
  • 2130-2330

If you have any questions about ID badges please call Support Services at (432) 640-1121.

Staff Required Uniforms

At Medical Center Hospital our nursing staff and ancillary staff are required to wear designated uniforms per their area of practice. The following is a list of the scrub colors so that you as a student will be aware of who works in what role while in your clinical rotations.

  • RN/LVN/Nurse Intern – Navy
  • CNA/PCT/Unit Clerks - Black
  • Respiratory - Royal Blue
  • Maternal Child – Navy/Embroidered Green top, Navy pants
  • Therapy - Red top/Red or Black bottoms
  • Lab - Wine
  • Transport - Light Gray
  • Radiology Techs - Graphite
  • Pharmacy - Galaxy Blue
  • Housekeeping - Seal Blue

Emergency Codes

For all emergencies dial 2000. Tell the operator the nature of the emergency and your location.

Do NOT hang up unless the operator instructs you to do so.