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Preparation Education

Four Weeks before Surgery

Iron, Vitamins

Prior to your surgery, you may be instructed by your surgeon to take multivitamins as well as iron. Iron helps build your blood, which is especially important if you plan to pre-donate your own blood.

Read “Anesthesia” (Appendix)

Total Joint Surgery does require the use of either general anesthesia or regional anesthesia. Please review “Anesthesia” (see Appendix) provided by our anesthesia department. If you have questions or want to request a particular anesthesiologist, please contact the MCH Joint Care Center Coordinator or your surgeon’s office.

Importance of Your Coach

The people that you find in your daily life, friends and family, are obviously important to you. In the process of a joint replacement, the involvement of a family friend or relative acting as your coach is very important. Your coach will be with you from the pre-op process through your stay in the hospital and to your discharge to home. They will attend pre-op class, give support during exercise classes, and keep you focused on healing. They will assure you continue exercising when you return home and see that home remains safe during your recovery.

Ten Days before Surgery

Pre-operative Visit to Surgeon

You should have an appointment in your surgeon’s office 7-10 days before surgery.

Two Days before Surgery

Shower Prep Prior to Surgery

You will need to shower with a special soap once a day for two days before surgery. You will receive the soap from Pre op Express or during your Pre-Operative Class. If surgery is on Monday, take a shower with the special soap on Saturday and Sunday.


  1. Pour the special soap on a washcloth.
  2. Wash all areas of your body, except face and peri-anal area, with the special soap.
  3. Thoroughly wash the area where you are going to have surgery.
  4. Rinse as usual. Dress as usual.

Your surgeon recommends this special soap to reduce the amount of germs on your skin prior to surgery.

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